Roland DufresneAssistant Coach

Roland “Duf” Dufresne has been involved in Xtreme sports for much of his life. He has been skateboarding since 1986, snowboarding since 1989 and mountain biking since 1996. He competed in all three sports and, although he doesn’t any longer, still enjoys them today. Duf has also coached part-time at Mt. Southington and, in 2005, received an AASI (American Association of Snowboard Instructors) Level I certification.

While searching for a new method of training during the off-season of downhill mountain bike racing in 2008, Duf stumbled upon CrossFit through a couple friends who had been following it for months. As soon as he started, he was going to be hooked. The workouts were challenging and kept Duf chasing his breath—just like he was racing—all while still having to use significant strength and coordination.

Duf became interested in Olympic Lifting in late 2009 when EC Synkowski—a member of the CrossFit seminar staff—held a Snatch seminar. In June 2010, he attended the CrossFit Olympic Lifting certification with Coach Burgener. In January 2012, he received his USAW Level 1 Coaching certification.

Duf loves helping athletes achieve his/her goals and enjoys extracting every bit of strength and energy he can by learning the intricacies of how each athlete responds. He seeks to iron out weaknesses, enhance strengths and fulfill to the betterment of each athlete at Yankee CrossFit.

CrossFit Certifications:

  • USAW Level I, January 2012
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting, June 2010
  • CrossFit Level 1, December 2011
  • CrossFit Gymnastics, October 2008
  • Outlaw Training Camp, March 2013
  • CrossFit Goal Setting seminar, March 2012
  • CrossFit Nutrition seminar, February 2011
  • Rob Orlando Strongman seminar, February 2011
  • Snatch Seminar with E.C. Synkowski, 2009

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