What Makes Yankee Different

The fitness journey of all new athletes training at Yankee begins with individualized sessions. We use these PT sessions to set a foundation of movement and understanding of exercise, so that when you are ready, you can progress to the group classes. The number of PT sessions needed to get to group classes will vary per individual, and will be based on our flexibility/mobility screen and overall exercise background.

Unlike many other group fitness facilities, we understand that in order to see long term success, personal training at first is a necessary step. We will take into account any limitations you have, including pre- existing conditions and injuries that will require specific modifications and attention. Each session will be customized to provide you with the exact exercises and progressions needed to reach you where you are at. From there, we will get your prepared, both physically and mentally to reach all your goals in our group classes.

PT for Pain 

Yankee Crossfit is also one of the few Active Life Pro Path gyms in CT. This means our entire staff has been through a 12 month immersion Training, that has prepared us specifically to help get people out of pain. Whether it’s chronic low back pain, or the old tennis elbow acting up again, we know how to help.

We have used these techniques to not only help keep our current members healthy and training hard in the gym, but also rehab athletes back from Injuries and surgeries.

Want to find out why our athletes are performing longer, harder, and staying healthier than those in the other gyms around? Come see the fitness expertise that makes Yankee what it is.