For those with more specific goals, or looking to fix weaknesses.

Class Compliment Programs: These will be 3-5 day fully individualized programs built specifically for the individual, but to also incorporate the class workouts. These are perfect for people who still want the class environment, and the attentive coaching, but want to add in extra work that fits with our current program. These can be tailored to accommodate all different goals, weather or be to get stronger, build more endurance, or work on specific skills. Any athlete on the compliment program will receive access to their own True Coach account, which will help track progressions and keep your personal coach informed on your workout results. These programs will be $125/ month and billed as an add-on to your current membership.

Full Individual Program: These will be 4-6 day fully individualized programs, with all workouts and strength progressions built specifically for the athlete and their current goals. These can be done during any open gym hours, or can be done in the back room anytime. This program will also be billed as an add-on to your current membership, at $165/month. They also include weekly check ins, a monthly PT/Check-in session, and as much feedback as needed.

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