The CrossFit program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our workouts take exercises from all worlds of fitness, including Weightlifting, Power lifting, Gymnastics, Calisthenics, Bodybuilding, Yoga, Endurance sports, and “sports” in general. Our goal is to develop athletes who are well rounded, and extremely competent in all aspects of fitness. We focus on training people to be strong, fast, flexible, explosive, have superior endurance, balance and coordination, and most of all be healthy. You will find most fitness programs lack in some, if not many of these fitness domains, and in the long run the athlete will end up deficient.

The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We have members ranging in age from 3 years old to 73. We have all levels of fitness, ranging from first time exercisers, to former College athletes, to elderly people looking to just remain functional. When in class, you are always working with one of our expert trainers, so you will never be on your own. They are here to teach, motivate, and to make sure everything you do is safe and effective. We modify the movements, loads, and workouts for each individual athlete, to make sure everyone is getting the best workout and program to fit their needs and goals.

We offer three different programming options our members can choose from, plus two specialized programs as well:

CrossFit programming geared towards those looking for everyday health and fitness. This is recommended for those newer to weight training or those just wanting to look good and stay healthy. There is less focus on the skilled lifts and more focus on basic starting strength and stability.

This is for those who not only want to stay in shape, but whose goals are to take their fitness to the next level. You will spend more time developing the high-skilled movements, as well as the olympic lifts that are preset in many CrossFit workouts. This is for those who have some weight training/exercise background and are looking to push their body to new limits.

This program is designed specifically for those looking to compete in the Sport of Crossfit. That doesn’t mean you have to want to go to Regionals or the Games, it simply means you are looking to put in the time to learn and develop the skills and capacities needed for competing. This is for experienced CrossFitters and much of the training will be done on your own, not in a class setting. Talk to your coaches if this is something you are interested in.

Specialized Programming

Yankee Barbell WOD:
This workout option is available 3x per week. The programming will have to be done around class workouts, but will add some extra barbell/strength work for anyone who wants to add more strength focus to their workouts.

Yankee Endurance WOD:
This is an endurance-based WOD that is programmed several days a week in addition to the existing programming. This is great for people looking to improve overall endurance, or those planning to compete in any endurance events like 5Ks, marathons or Triathalons.