Goal Achieved! What’s Next?

You want to lose 20lbs. GREAT! What’s next?

You want to get out of pain. GREAT! What’s next?

You want to PR your back squat. GREAT What’s next?

Far too often we set a goal and do an amazing job of working hard for it, and ultimately achieving whatever it is you set out for, but forget to think about what to do AFTER you’ve achieved that goal.

To be completely honest, reaching your goals is the easy part. What’s even harder is hanging on to what you’ve accomplished. With that said, you can make it easier on yourself by having a plan in place for what to do after you accomplish your goals.

What’s the purpose of hitting your 20lbs weight loss goal if you just get it right back? Or getting out of pain if you just go right back to what you were doing before and end up in the same place?

So, today’s message is short. Have a plan for what to do after you reach your goal. Constantly ask your “What’s next”. And don’t always answer with another lofty goal. Maybe it’s working with a coach 1 on 1 to manage your training so you don’t end up in pain again. Maybe it’s setting up quarterly check-ins to keep you accountable. 

For those of you doing the nutrition challenge, what’s next? Do you have a plan in place for after the challenge is over? Or are you going back to what you were doing before?

Need help figuring all this out? Email us or ask a coach in class!