Introducing Workout Intentions!

Each workout we do at Yankee has a specific intention – a stimulus we are looking to get from the workout. Some days it might be to push hard, other it might be to find a sustainable pace and repeat it multiple times, others it might be be a longer, slower grind. As we program the workouts, we know exactly what we want you to get out of it. However, sometimes that gets lost in translation and doesn’t quite make you to as often as we would like. It is important to make sure you are getting the intended stimulus from the workout. After all, if we to get the desired outcome, we have to do the workout the way it was intended to be done. So with that in mind, we developed a way to classify each workout into a category that clearly tells how the workout is supposed to be executed. Starting next week, you’ll be seeing the workouts written this way on the website and whiteboard.

Workout types:

#1 – PUSH. These workouts are consistent of multiple , fast & hard efforts. They are near all out, with ample rest to recover and repeat your hard effort again.

Example: 30 sec bike sprint @ 100% effort. Rest 2:30 x 5.


#2 – PACE. These workouts are still a tough effort, but not so much that you exceed your threshold. The idea is to move as fast as you, without slowing down. This doesnt mean go fast and hope for the best. You’re trying to pace yourself to stay at the same speed for the duration of the workout, and it should be tough to do so! These are typically medium length.



9 box jumps 

6 pull ups

3 burpees


#3 – ENDURE. Longer efforts (15+ minutes) of steady consistent movement. You’re probably not moving super fast on these. Your heart isn’t getting jacked up through the roof – you’re just moving for a long time.


3 Rounds For Time

800m Run

40 KBS

500m Row

40 Push Ups


#4 – REPEAT. Sustainable, repeatable intervals with the intention of matching or beating your score round after round.



15 Power Cleans – 95

12 Toes to Bar

Max cal row in remainder of time

Rest 3:00 x 3 sets


#5 – SKILL. Higher complexity and/or higher load that will challenge coordination, balance, strength, agility, and accuracy. Because of the higher complexity, these workouts are typically more slow moving, and feel like a grind.




Muscle Ups

Squat Snatch – 135/95


#6 – MOVE. For quality movement. The focus is on mobility, unilateral strength, and changing the plane of motion. We’re trying to workout without crushing your body here. These are incredibly important to keeping your joint healthy and staying injury free.


EMOM x 15

  1. Turkish Get up x 2/arm
  2. Cossack Squat x 10 (5/leg)
  3. Farmer Carry x 200ft

These workout intent are going to take your fitness to a new level. We’re to roll them out next week and are welcome to feedback during your classes!

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at yankeecrossfit@gmail.com