How To Train For Fat Loss

Fat loss is the primary goal for most people entering a gym. For the most part, we just want to look and feel better and we believe losing fat is the way to make that happen. And we are probably right! Where many of us struggle is figuring out how to get there, but even more importantly, how to stay there once we achieve our fat loss goals.

We’ve talked before how the primary mechanism for losing fat is a calorie deficit. While many other things come into play, we must be eating less calories than we expend. Because of that, we tend to believe we need to do more cardio to lose weight. If you burn more calories, you will create a bigger calorie deficit. TRUE. Here’s the problem. It’s not sustainable and you’re wrecking your metabolism in the process.

That is why resistance training is king when it comes to fat loss. If you lose weight rapidly, and you are crushing cardio without a focus on lifting weights, you are liking losing a fair amount of muscle mass in the process. When you lose muscle mass, your body needs less energy to function and you burn less calories doing everything – from walking to your car, to your exercise in the gym.

So, while cardio does in fact burn more calories in the moment than lifting weight for the same time, it doesn’t pay off the same in the long run. If you want to lose fat, make the focus of your workouts resistance training. The goal should be to maintain muscle mass through resistance training and high protein intake, while creating a caloric deficit through food, not cardio! Cardio can definitely aid in your weight loss, but it simply shouldn’t be the primary tool.

Hope you all are on the way to crushing your 2021 goals! If you’re still struggling to lose weight and want extra help please reach out and we would be happy to help!