The Holidays Are Right Around The Corner

Depending on your beliefs you may have 4 holidays to celebrate between now and January 1, 2021. (Can 2021 come any faster?) For many people, this can be overwhelming. Why should I continue eating healthy and exercising if i’m going to “throw it all away during the holidays”? 

The truth is, you’re not going to throw it all away. We have 44 days until January 1. That means 40/44 days are NOT holidays. 91% of the days are NOT holidays. Let’s be honest – very few of us are going to have more than 91% adherence to a nutrition plan anyway. If we say you need to be on track 80 percent of the time, you are crushing it with 40 good days. 

From an even bigger perspective, your entire day isn’t a waste from 1 holiday meal. If you typically eat 3 meals a day, you have 132 meals until Jan 1 and 4 (maybe 5-6) holiday meals. Even if we play it safe and say 6, thats 96% non-holiday meals that you have to work with.

So, there are two points to me writing this blog.

  1. Don’t cash it in and give up just because the holidays are around the corner.
  2. Enjoy the holidays! You can get off track for a few meals and enjoy yourself and nothing is going to happen! Spend time with your family, enjoy some good food. Then let’s makes 2021 our year.