Assessment Workshop

Do you have aches and pains caused by movements in your workout?

Want to figure out how to come to classes and get through your workout without pain?

We have something AWESOME for you – Our Assessment Workshop!

On March 14th we will be hosting and assessment workshop for our members only! At the workshop you will go through a group mobility and flexibility assessment. Then, we will teach you how to properly modify movements that cause your aches and pains based on the findings from your assessment.

If movements you do in class cause you pain

If movements you do in class frustrate and you don’t know why you can’t do them well

If you want to learn about why pain and injury happen and what you can do to avoid them

You need to be there.


Registration opens tomorrow. Only 20 spots are open (and some have already been reserved). This will sell out, so don’t miss your chance!

Stay Tuned!