NEW! Overcome Frustrations with Hybrid Memberships

First off, I want to apologize for not offering this sooner. We have been underserving you, and that is on us. To be honest, we knew it was needed, but never thought anyone wanted it. We were wrong, and we are going to do everything we can to serve you to our fullest abilities going forward. You see, group classes are incredible. They are fun, motivating, engaging, and get you a good workout day in and out. With that said, we have been neglecting your individual problems and primarily focused on what is best for MOST people – hence, group classes.

Many of you may have noticed we have been doing more personal training lately. Why? Because it is the most effective, sometimes the only effective, solution to your specific problems and we want to help you solve those problems. We have been helping you learn new skills, improve your mobility & motor coordination, and get out of pain without missing the gym. Most importantly, our goal is to help you solve higher order issues. Let me take you through an example:

Johnny comes into the gym at 5:30am ready TO GO! He laces up and walks over to the whiteboard. GAAAAH. Push jerks. I CAN’T DO PUSH JERKS. Whatever, johnny will sub dumbbells today. Warming up, he sees everyone crushing push jerks. WHY CANT I DO THAT?! 3-2-1 go, johnny starts off hot trying to blow off his frustrations. He crashes and burns 2 minutes in, and doesn’t feel like he got a good workout in. At work he’s impatient with clients and makes no sales, then heads home to his family where nothing went right. He tripped on the stairs, kids are screaming, etc. Stressed, he eats cereal for dinner, skips time with his wife and kids and goes to bed, vowing never to go to push jerk day ever again.

The thing is, fixing Johnny’s push jerk is going to solve much greater issues for Johnny than simply being able to put a barbell over his head – it’s deeper than that.

Group classes are the bread and butter of Yankee CrossFit – we just want to improve your experience in and out of the gym in a greater way. So, we are now offering a group class membership, coupled with personal training! These “hybrid memberships” are a great way to add personal training into your regime, without spending the money it costs upfront to buy a personal training pack. These are perfect for those of you looking to improve skills and work on things that frustrate you.

Hybrid 1: Your current group Class Membership + $99/month.

With Hybrid 1, you will get 1 personal training session per month added to your membership. Your coach will also give you things to work on in between sessions.

Hybrid 2: Your current group Class Membership + $178/month (2 sessions @ $89/session)

With hybrid 2, you will get 2 PT sessions per month added to your membership as well as things to work on in between sessions.

If you’re interested in either of these options, or would like to learn more, email yankeecrossfit@gmail.com and we can set up a time to talk!

No more living with pain. No more frustrating workouts. No more feeling lesser than. No more hard work without results.