Holiday Specials You Won’t Want To Miss!

Don’t Miss out on our Holiday Specials!

Kickstarter packs

These are best for those who are either just starting their fitness journey and would like some extra accountability and direction OR someone who has been with us for a while, but hasn’t gotten the results they set out for. Maybe you haven’t lost those last 10 lbs, or maybe you still don’t have a pull-up. These packs are a great way to assure you reach your goals.

KickStart – 1 Month Nutrition + 8 Personal Training Sessions (2x/week) Cost: $699 (1,059 Value)

Mini Kickstart – Movement Assessment, Nutrition Consult (with InBody), and 1 PT session. Cost: $255

Personal Training packs

Maybe you are in pain and want to get out of it without missing the gym. Maybe you’ve been in pain so long that you’ve accepted that this is how it has to be forever. IT DOESN’T!

Maybe you are frustrated because you can’t do X movement & it’s makes you feel lesser than everyone else & affects other areas of your life – at work, at home etc. Personal training is a direct solution to your specific problem.

$300 off 12 Pack ($1,050 or $87.50/session)

$500 off 24 Pack ($1,876 or $76/session)

$800 off 48 Pack ($3,742 or 72/session)

Nutrition specials

Most people join a gym to lose weight or gain muscle. Plain and simple. So if you’ve been consistently coming to the gym but have not gotten the body composition results you’ve set out for, it is OUR fault for not providing you with better nutritional guidance and accountability and we are sorry for not offering this sooner. These packages are the way we can help you reach the goals you originally set out for.

FIRST MONTH FREE With All Support Plans With 6 Month Commitment ($99 value)

InBody Package: 1 InBody per month x 12 months. Cost: $135 (25%off)

Outcome sessions

This is ONE personal training session where we will get you a specific outcome. You want to learn to climb a rope, perform a kipping pull-up, kick up to a handstand, learn the best position for you to squat in, how to do a snatch, or even how to modify a specific movement. These outcome session are solutions to problems that can be quickly addressed!

Special Price: $99 ($149 value)