Amanda Aronson started On-Ramp classes at YCF on April 17 at 177 pounds and as of today she is 147 pounds.

“This past April, I got serious about getting my health back on track. Over the past few years, I had slowly put on a serious amount of weight and was feeling the effects of that increase in my daily life. I started a nutrition program and resumed more regular cardiovascular exercise, but I wasn’t utilizing my gym membership to build strength—or really for anything else.

My neighbor encouraged me to check out Yankee CrossFit, and after the second On-Ramp session, I knew I wanted to join the community. By the second full class, I was already more motivated to go to Yankee than I ever had been to go anywhere else. People greeted me by name; the coaches checked in on me to see how I was feeling, and they always made sure I knew the modifications that would be a good fit for my level. And the biggest surprise was the people. They were so humble, helpful, and kind. I don’t know what I expected, but I didn’t expect the community to be so warm and welcoming. It’s truly a wonderful place.

Health wise, my nutrition program jumpstarted my weight loss, but coming to Yankee three days per week has helped me build strength, motivation, and a hell of a lot of pride. I can already feel myself getting stronger, and I’m starting to run again and to rehab my shins, which has been a struggle after years of neglect. I see now why people get so hooked on CrossFit. It’s easier to build strength together, especially when you also end up building community.”