Name: Megan Auletta

Age: 24

Years / Months at YCF: 8.5 months

How did you hear about CrossFit in general and how’d you end up at Yankee CrossFit?
My sister has been doing CrossFit for years and has always told me to try it. But I was always intimidated by the cardio aspect of it. Being a powerlifter, I knew cardio was not something I was good at. Corey are ANC was the one who recommended YCF when I was looking for a new gym. I can’t imagine where I’d be now if I didn’t join.

What reservations did you have before starting CrossFit / How or what did you do to overcome it?
That there would be much more cardio than I’m used to. The way I overcame it was accepting that it will only take a short amount of time until I’m better at it and every time won’t be so difficult. Especially running!

How was your experience learning YCF CrossFit Foundations and how was it transitioning into classes?
Coming from powerlifting it was fairly easy since I was already comfortable using a barbell.

What differences have you seen in your day to day life that has impacted you positively since starting at YCF? (Friends, mindset, physical, etc.)
I’ve noticed that I have much more energy throughout the day after starting my morning at YCF.

Is there anything specific that has happened (physically, mentally, emotionally) that wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t take that leap and start?
After powerlifting for 2.5 years it was tough to go into the gym and lift alone. I started to skip days and wasn’t always motivated. Being able to lift with so many other strong people now is great! I’ve fallen back in love with lifting heavy weights and now crushing WODs with other YCF members.

Why do you keep coming back to YCF? What’s the difference between us and another gym?
The community. Having the support from everyone around you is a great feeling. Everyone is there to better themselves, just having one person saying “nice job” after class makes it that much better.

What do you love the most about CrossFit in general and YCF?
The variety. Everyday is different. You challenge yourself in ways you’ve never imagined, mentally and physically.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about joining YCF?
Don’t wait. You don’t need to be in shape to start CrossFit, CrossFit will get you in shape.