Name: Scott Morris
Age: 58
Years / Months at YCF: 2 Years

How did you hear about CrossFit in general and how’d you end up at Yankee CrossFit?
I heard great things about the results people were getting from CrossFit on Facebook, Yankee was close by, so I gave it a look.

What reservations did you have before starting CrossFit / How or what did you do to overcome it?
I was VERY out of shape when I started, so I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up. The coaches have all been supportive with scaling all movements and as long as I keep coming, I don’t worry about it any more.

How was your experience learning YCF CrossFit Foundations and how was it transitioning into classes?
When I was done with my first warmup, I thought that was the whole session! I was not happy to discover that the workout had not even begun yet. I stayed in (On Ramp) for about a month, getting ready to join a real class.

What differences have you seen in your day to day life that has impacted you positively since starting at YCF? (Friends, mindset, physical, etc.)
The discipline to stay at this as a habit has enforced so many other good habits in my life. I also feel better and I look forward to a solid workout and a good sweat.

Is there anything specific that has happened (physically, mentally, emotionally) that wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t take that leap and start?
I was on a bad road of sedate living. This has saved my life, literally.

Why do you keep coming back to YCF? What’s the difference between us and another gym?
The people. Working out as a group makes all of the difference. On my own, when I get tired, I stop. At CrossFit, when I get tired, I look around. If everyone else is still working, I find a little extra and keep moving.

What do you love the most about CrossFit in general and YCF?
Feeling healthy is its own reward. YCF has great people as members and coaches, very supportive.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about joining YCF?
Try it. You can always change your mind based on the facts, not what you have heard or thought you knew about this.