Name: Michael Galati

Age: 43

Years / Months at YCF: 3.5

How did you hear about CrossFit in general and how’d you end up at Yankee CrossFit?
I had former college teammates doing it and I was moving to Avon and looked at a couple boxes in the area. I had heard great things about Brendan and the coaching staff as well as the programming.

What reservations did you have before starting CrossFit / How or what did you do to overcome it?

How was your experience learning YCF CrossFit Foundations and how was it transitioning into classes?
I had started at Relentless for a few months and did a week of Foundations there.

What differences have you seen in your day to day life that has impacted you positively since starting at YCF? (Friends, mindset, physical, etc.)
A whole bunch of new friends. A new great supporting community. I have more energy on mornings I train and it increases my energy and mindset at work throughout the day.

Is there anything specific that has happened (physically, mentally, emotionally) that wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t take that leap and start?
Much better shape. I’m 5 years post liver transplant and 4 years with CrossFit. My check ups and health scores have been perfect. Is there a correlation. I’m sure. Can I prove it. No.

Why do you keep coming back to YCF? What’s the difference between us and another gym?
I’m not missing anything. No need to date around. (I use that term as a metaphor, haha.)

What do you love the most about CrossFit in general and YCF?
Great coaches. Love my 7am crew. Love the  programming. Always keeps me on my toes. Love the new friends I’ve gained.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about joining YCF?
Do it. You’ll enjoy the fitness and community aspect.