Richard Montalvo

Name: Richard Montalvo
Age: 39
Years / Months at YCF: 2 months

How did you hear about CrossFit in general and how’d you end up at Yankee CrossFit?
My wife joined in March 2018 and loved it and convinced me to join.

What reservations did you have before starting CrossFit / How or what did you do to overcome it?
I was worried about some past injuries I had and how they would affect my work outs. The coaches where quick to accommodate my limitations and show me stretches to improve my flexibility and mobility. I have seen great improvements and I no longer feel that these injuries hold me back.

How was your experience learning YCF CrossFit Foundations and how was it transitioning into classes?
Learning the fundamentals was exciting. It was a new challenge. I was eager to learn and start building on these basics. It was exciting to be challenged in something I’ve never done before. Kris, Bam and Maddy where great during On-ramp and helped me build confidence in what I was doing.

What differences have you seen in your day to day life that has impacted you positively since starting at YCF? (Friends, mindset, physical, etc.)
I would say joining YCF has helped me set the bar higher in everything I do. From productivity at work, challenging myself in sporting activities, getting up earlier, and really understanding that eating well and being fit can improve all aspects of life. Your mindset changes as you are always looking for the next challenge, whether in life or at the gym, to tackle it.

Is there anything specific that has happened (physically, mentally, emotionally) that wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t take that leap and start?
I am absolutely hooked on improving my strength and health. I cannot wait for the next class and find myself constantly checking to see what tomorrow’s WOD will bring.

Why do you keep coming back to YCF? What’s the difference between us and another gym?
The coaches, the workouts, the YCF community and the vibe you get when you walk into the gym. I know that I am at a gym where I am getting results.

What do you love the most about CrossFit in general and YCF?
Finishing a WOD. Knowing that only you stand in your own way of finishing and improving your strength, health and mental toughness.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about joining YCF?
To join right away! You will love the results and the impact it will have on your life. Invest in you health and overall well being.