Name: Edith Mosback
Age: 67
Years / Months at YCF: 3 mos.

How did you hear about CrossFit in general and how’d you end up at Yankee CrossFit?
My son and grandson are members. In a casual conversation with my son I mentioned I was not getting enough out of the gym and with a trainer. I was at a plateau and needed a jump start back to results. I was at a regular gym for about 8 years. Sometimes with a trainer, some times without, however, I saw results at CrossFit within the first month. It is an amazing program that gets results quickly.

What reservations did you have before starting CrossFit / How or what did you (do) to overcome it?
I thought my age may limit my ability to do some of the activities. I had to change my mind set and realize I could do modifications when necessary. The coaches are really helpful in this area.

How was your experience learning YCF CrossFit Foundations and how was it transitioning into classes?
I had training sessions to get me ready for the classes which were well run and helped immensely. I also observed a class and realized how friendly and helpful their couches were. I realized I can do more than I thought I could.

What differences have you seen in your day to day life that has impacted you positively since starting at YCF? (Friends, mindset, physical, anything)
My stamina has increased. I am able to walk better as my joints are no longer stiff. My confidence level has increased and I feel more positive. I can engage in activities such as bike riding or hiking, without tiring.

Is there anything specific that has happened (physically, mentally, emotionally) that wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t take that leap and start?
My main goal has always been to lower my blood pressure and get off the meds. After a month of CrossFit, I noticed the numbers were going down quicker than they did when I was attending the gym. I can now honestly say, the goal of being off meds is finally in sight. I have knocked the numbers down from 160/110 to 130/85 for most days, especially the days working out at Yankee Crossfit. I monitor my blood pressure on a daily basis. This was big for me! My joints are so much more flexible and not bothersome as they were before. I feel much younger and more energetic. My body has never looked better, my clothes fit better.

Why do you keep coming back to YCF? What’s the difference between us and another gym?
I was getting the results I was looking for on a more timely basis. It is easier working with coaches in front of a room. I don’t have to plan out my exercise routine, I just have to do as I am instructed to do at my own level. . The others in the room motivate me when I want to stop. I reach deep inside and gather more strength to keep going. The coaches are knowledgeable and help you improve your technique. They are always watching and ready to lend a helping hand. I am able to work with a coach at CrossFit for 3x a week for an hour for less than I was paying for my gym and trainer 2x a week for 1/2 hour and see quicker results.

What do you love the most about CrossFit in general and YCF?
I love the energy and positive outlook. I love seeing the firmness in my body and better blood pressure. I enjoy the other members, the encouragement they give me and the friendships that are developing.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about joining YCF?
Do not be concerned about your age or limitations. They will work with you to get the best results and still have you feel comfortable. Your energy level will go through the roof! They have a program to fit all schedules and lifestyles. You have nothing to lose and all to gain by giving CrossFit a chance.