Over the last few years Andrew DiMaurio was just a regular fitness enthusiast as most active people are; he heard of Crossfit and “never gave it much thought”.

He explains: “I always just believed the rumor that you will get hurt doing it and it’s ineffective. At the time I was just lifting weights in a traditional gym and running. I was essentially trying to get bigger but also keep my endurance and ability to move my body. Little did I know that’s exactly what crossfit offers.” Little did he know, that was the moment his life would change forever!

He ended up at Yankee Crossfit based on location and made the decision to walk in one day. He immediate took to the concept and idea of becoming an even better version of himself.

Fast forward about a year later and he’s hooked! Being a successful, Retired U.S. Marine, he loved the thought of the challenge that Crossfit presented, physically and mentally.

“I love crossfit because I’m never bored with the workouts and I’ve met some of the best people doing it. The coaches are all super passionate about what they do and every single member is supportive and make you want to push past your limits.”

He goes on to explain why Yankee Crossfit is the best “box” around vs. other gyms or Crossfit Boxes saying; “I love Yankee because the coaches are some of the best I’ve ever worked with. They are all really good at what they do and give 100% of themselves to make sure you succeed. They take the time really getting to know each member and push them to do things they thought were impossible.”

Andrew continues to say how he loves the “community and coaches the most at Yankee”. It’s very easy to say that we are extremely proud and happy to have Andrew with us. We are excited to see not only him, but each and every member continue to grow as athletes; we appreciate the strong community we have built here at Yankee Crossfit.