If you asked Tim Shover three years ago if he could ever picture himself doing CrossFit, he would have definitely said ‘no way.’ Now, since joining YCF, he couldn’t imagine life without it.

Tim was an active kid growing up, playing many team sports including football, lacrosse and basketball. Although he wasn’t the most athletically-gifted kid on the field or court, he loved the camaraderie and competition sports provided him. Unfortunately, Tim was plagued with knee issues.

After tearing all the ligaments in his knee during a slam dunk contest with friends when he was 15 years old, Tim had knee surgery to repair the ligaments and realign his knee cap. “I never played organized sports after that,” he says. Luckily for him, he was a typical teenager that could eat whatever he wanted and he’d never gain weight. That changed when Tim entered his mid-twenties and decided to make some lifestyle changes.

In 2008, Tim and his girlfriend, Sherrie, (who would later become his wife) moved to California and he wanted to start a healthier lifestyle. He quit smoking cold turkey after being a smoker for 10 years and felt great. The only drawback is he put on weight very quickly. “I probably gained close to 30 lbs. in eight months. I think I replaced cigarettes with food; I was eating all the time,” he remembers.

When he and Sherrie moved back to Connecticut in 2009, they both wanted to focus on becoming healthier and try to add a workout routine to their schedules. For about three years, they both joined several different globo gyms but never found the motivation to go. When Tim dislocated his other knee in 2012, he had to rehab it for three months and gained even more weight. That’s when he decided he really needed to make a change.

Tim was having some success working with a personal trainer at Big Sky in New Britain for almost a yaer but it was still a burden to go and wasn’t integrated into his lifestyle. “I would lose weight then I’d gain weight. I couldn’t get consistent results,” he says. It was also becoming increasingly expensive for him to continue to pay a personal trainer for three sessions per week. But no matter how many times Sherrie, who was now his wife and had been a member at YCF for about 6 months, asked him to try CrossFit, he refused.

“I thought it was a cult,” Tim says, “and the workouts looked like they were too intense for me. The typical crap you hear from anyone who doesn’t do CrossFit and is scared.” But that all changed after he went to watch Sherrie compete at her first competition, the 2013 Misfit Toys Throwdown.

“I loved the energy in the room. And how all the Yankee people treated me like family. I saw how encouraging they were to each other even though they were competing against one other. That was awesome,” Tim remembers.

One month later, Tim signed up for on-ramp and the rest is history. He has been a constant member of the 7am class and has had many fitness milestones including losing 30 lbs., winning one of YCF’s nutrition challenges and competing in several CrossFit competitions. His knees are also stronger than they’ve ever been. And, most importantly, fitness is finally integrated into his life.

“Every Sunday night I sign up for my week’s worth of classes,” he says. “When I go on vacation, I do CrossFit. When I go on work trips, I do CrossFit…it’s just something that’s part of my life now. It’s kind of crazy to think about since I was someone who didn’t work out at all four years ago.”

  • Brother Mike

    Great read! Way to go Timmy! Should have elaborated how you dislocated your knee in 2012…. 😉