Why do we train gymnastics skills at Yankee CrossFit? ⠀

Gymnasts work body positioning at a young age. They learn how to put their body in certain shapes—like hollow and arch—to get the most power in their bar swings, stability in their handstands and just overall body control. Gymnasts are taught the importance of staying tight during every movement so their body works as one unit. They also learn how to keep their shoulders stacked overhead so they can be explosive off the vault or in their tumbling passes. All these things give gymnasts a strong core, shoulders and power output.⠀

So how does this type of training translate to the average person trying to increase their fitness for everyday life?⠀

We work these fundamental movements because they make us stronger. Doing hollow/arch holds strengthens our cores which safeguards our lower backs and helps our posture. Working on handstands helps to work the tiny stabilizer muscles in your shoulders, which we need to keep our shoulders healthy and injury free. Gymnastics training simply teaches us how to move better.⠀

This type of training also gives us a solid foundation for other CrossFit movements like weightlifting. The better we are at staying tight and controlling our bodies like gymnasts do, the more weight we can lift and the more power we’ll have when learning more advanced movements like pull ups and muscle ups. ⠀

There’s a reason gymnasts are some of the strongest athletes in the world. It all starts with a solid foundation.⠀