17-year-old Jordan Banks graduated from Bristol Central this past June and is set to play baseball at Southern Vermont College in the fall. He went from playing on the JV team to All-State in just one year and says taking CrossFit classes at Yankee CrossFit had a lot to do with that:

“Before, I couldn’t go as long [during games] and I’d get tired earlier,” he says. “Now, I don’t get tired. I’m as strong at the beginning as I am at the end. CrossFit has helped me out with my flexibility. I play first base so you need to stretch to get balls. It made me quicker to the ball as a first baseman. I’m also able to hit the ball further because of CrossFit. I wouldn’t be working out [in the offseason] if it wasn’t for this. When it does start to hurt [during CrossFit workouts], it must makes me push. I was used to giving up during practice—half assing it—but CrossFit teaches to you push through.”