Andrienna Rachelle Reopelle

When Andrienna Rachelle Reopelle was in eighth grade, the class wrote letters to themselves—outlining their dreams and goals—which was then mailed to them when they were seniors in high school. On her list was that she wanted to run a marathon and have a six pack. Since she already crossed the marathon off her list, Andrienna now wants to work on that six pack.

Never really into sports growing up, Andrienna loved to dance and did that through college. She also stayed in shape by training for marathons, finishing three so far to date. Like many of us, her life is pretty busy: she’s a mother of a three-year old boy, Jesse; her and her husband, Jim, each run their own business—she owns New England Salon Company in Wolcott, and her husband is a dog trainer—and she’s a dance teacher on the side. But no matter how busy life gets, she knows the importance of taking care of herself.

Although Andrienna got back to running soon after Jesse was born, it didn’t seem to help her lose the final pounds of baby weight. Her husband—a former MMA fighter—knew about the benefits of CrossFit and thought it would be a perfect compliment to her running and she’d benefit from adding weight training to her routine. And just two months in, she’s already hooked.

Andrienna has been working hard in the 7am class, finding a new sense of motivation to her fitness routine. She’s loving the environment and the encouragement she gets from the community. Andrienna also realizes that CrossFit is a journey and results don’t happen overnight. “Right now I’m just getting comfortable with the movements but I know eventually I’ll be jacked,” she jokes. And every day she shows up ready to work hard is one day closer to that six pack.