Monique Nadeau

Monique is one of YCF’s badass moms. A mother of twins—Andrew and Angie—she was like many moms-to-be during her pregnancy. She felt tired all the time and stopped going to the gym. After the twins were born, Monique went back to her standard workout routine to try to lose the 50 lbs. she gained.

Boring quickly of the Stairmaster, elliptical and Spin routine she started up again, Monique tried Zumba and loved it. Although she was able to lose much of her pregnancy weight doing Zumba, she could not lose the last pesky 10 lbs.

“I saw a picture of me taken on the beach when I got home from vacation and said ‘that’s not my body, that’s my mother’s body’,” remembers Monique. She was turning 40 and was ready for a change. Although she was a bit nervous, she asked her husband Eric—who had previously done CrossFit—if he would go back to CrossFit with her. He agreed and assured her that she could do it.

In July 2012, Eric took Monique to her first class at YCF. “After the workout I was like ‘holy cow, this kicked my ass’ but I knew immediately that this is what I needed to do to make the changes I wanted,” says Monique. But there would definitely be some challenges that she’d have to overcome.

One struggle Monique faced was staying true to her CrossFit journey and not letting what other people did get in the way. “When I started CrossFit at 40 years old, I went in with the attitude that it’s me against myself. I couldn’t compete with the 23 year olds doing this and I had to be ok with that. Sometimes I’m hard on myself when I look at what other people are doing but have to remember it’s my journey.”

Another big obstacle for Monique happened in 2014. In November, she slipped and fell and fractured her distal radius while walking on a slippery surface in the rain. The injury was very difficult for her because she had found her groove and had to stop CrossFit completely to rehab her wrist. When she came back, she had to work extra hard to get back to where she was before the injury.

“I’m not sure Brendan realizes what he did for me during my recovery. When I first went back after my injury, I was just lifting the PVC pipe. I couldn’t even fathom holding the training bar. My wrist just wouldn’t flex. He improvised every modification for me. He just knew what to tell me to do to get me where I needed go,” says Monique. Exactly one year later, Monique was able to do a handstand hold, a major obstacle in her recovery. “I never would have gotten this type of mobility back without CrossFit.”

Today, Monique is back to crushing it but she’s got some company; her entire family now goes to YCF as well. Eric is a consistent 5:30am’er and the twins have been in the pre-school class for a year-and-a-half. “I love that CrossFit is something we can all share together,” she says.